The Three Stooges

The Grand Teton's Owen-Spalding Route

You're following a straight line to the summit along the north side of the Three Stooges. You follow a natural path of least resistance. It should be a scramble. Of course, many people switchback around some features.

Go past the ledge in front of the Three Stooges and scramble down to the next ledge and look to your south for Sargent's Chimney.

 You won't notice the Three Stooges during the descent.

As you descend, continue all the way down the west aspect below the Slabby Wall until you can't easily scramble any further. Look to your south and you should see the top of Sargent's Chimney (not obvious) & the chute out of Sargent's alternative 'Hidden Exit' (closer to you).

Enjoy Safe Climbing