Grand Teton Climb August 26, 2015 - An Owen-Spalding Evening

The Grand Teton's Owen-Spalding Route
August 26th, 2015

Time Splits:
Lupine Meadows Trailhead 4:41 pm, Total Time 00:00, Delta: 00:00
Bradley Lake Junction: 5:09 pm, TT: 00:27.9, Delta: 00:27.9
Amphitheater Lake Junction: 5:34 pm, TT: 00:52.9, Delta: 00:24.9
Garnet Canyon's Meadows' Sign: 6:04 pm, TT: 01:23, Delta: 00:29.9
Lower Saddle Sign: 7:09 pm, TT: 02:28, Delta: 01:05
Grand Teton Summit: 8:20 pm, TT: 03:39, Delta: 01:10.9
3 hours 39 minutes from the trailhead to the summit.

Our times are walking times - no running or jogging. Sometimes we walk very fast, sometimes we don't. Conditions were outstanding. It was mostly t-shirt weather all the way to the summit. We left Lupine Meadows at 4:41 pm. It was 86°F. Our fastest round-trip from the Lower Saddle to the summit & back is 1.5 hours. It took us 1:11 just to get to the summit on Tuesday. We took more time getting back down than going up. When you're tired and you have momentum working with gravity, you need to be extra careful while descending.
The weather forecast for the Lower Saddle on August 25th-26th.
We never had any rain or lightning.
 Lower Saddle Temperatures August 25 & 26th.
Visual Range ending Aug 26th, 2015

The Grand Teton on August 25th

 Start time after work.

The time splits noted above are the from the time stamps on the photos. We stopped to take just over 100 photos before reaching the summit. We canned 217 photos in total during our 8:03 hour round-trip.

Middle Teton
Meadows Camping Zone

Petzoldt's Caves

East Face of the Grand Teton

Lower Saddle as seen from the Moraines

The Fixed Rope

We left the hiking poles at the Fixed Rope and waited while an injured climber was coming down. It was another blown knee. Exum Mountain Guides braced the injured climber's leg and provided assistance getting down the Fixed Rope. The young lady was not their client. This was the second blown knee that we have seen this summer. Ankles and knees take a beating.

Middle Teton & Lower Saddle

The south aspect of the Grand Teton

North Fork of Garnet Canyon as seen from the Lower Saddle

View toward Idaho

Lower Saddle

Chockstone Chimney on far right

Ledge out of the Chockstone Chimney

Central Rib's Bench

Main drainage - OS Couloir

Central Rib's Bench

Approach to the Central Rib's Black Rock Chimney (by smooth slab seen far top right)

Middle Teton

Central Rib's Bench & the 'backside' of the Needle.

UXM's Wallstreet

View toward Mt. Moran

 The Owen-Spalding Climbing Route

The Belly Roll

The Crawl

1st Entrance to Double Chimney

Looking back at the Crawl

2nd Entrance to the Double Chimney

Inside the DC

Base of the Owen Chimney

Owen Chimney

Owen Chimney


Base of Sargent's Chimney

Today's Date August 25th

Sargent's Chimney

Sargent's Chimney - by rap

Main Rap to Upper Saddle


Lower Saddle's Fixed Rope

Fillin' up the water bottle at the spring that feeds Spalding Falls.
Note the hiking boots & poles.

Enjoy Safe Climbing