Owen-Spalding Route - September 20th, 2015

Grand Teton Climbing Conditions
Owen-Spalding Route
September 20, 2015

Garnet Creek with the Middle Teton

Spalding Falls

Stairs by Spalding Falls

South Fork of Garnet Canyon as seen from North Fork

View back toward the Meadows from the Climbers' Trail

Petzoldt's Caves

Picnic Rock by the Caves

View up the switchbacks above the Caves

View back toward the Caves

East Face Grand Teton

View to the SE at the bowl above the steeper part of the Meadows' Headwall & below the Middle Teton's NE aspect

View toward the Lower Saddle - the Moraines

View back toward the east - overlooking the Moraines

Climbers at the Fixed Rope

The Moraines as seen from the Lower Saddle

Lower Saddle

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Love Ice - western side of the Needle

Needle's Chockstone Chimney far right

Climber taking the hard way - drainage between Lower & Upper Western Ribs

 View by the Briggs' Slab

The Briggs' Slab is at the far left. Eye of the Needle (natural tunnel) right center. Upper ledge of the Chockstone Chimney - center.

Wide Lower Ledge out of Chockstone Chimney - Backwards 'S' shape - leads to the EOTN

Climbers below the Upper Western Rib and to the east of the Lower Western Rib - going for the drainage.

Access to the Central Rib's  Black Rock Chimney is by the smooth vertical slab

View back down the Central Rib

Black Rock Chimney

Wall Street as seen after exiting the top of the Black Rock Chimney

Middle Teton and view back at the upper access to the BRC - center bottom.

Shorts, work boots, no crampons.

View from the Upper Saddle toward Jackson Lake & Mt Moran


Northern access to the upper eastern side of the Upper Saddle

Southern access to the upper eastern side of the Upper Saddle

Owen-Spalding Climbing Route

Looking toward the NE & toward the Belly Roll at the Upper Saddle

Main Rappel area

Ledge just past the Belly Roll

The Crawl's exposure

The Crawl & view toward the access to the Double Chimney

Access to the Double Chimney's two entrances

View back toward the Belly Roll & Upper Saddle

View back south toward the Crawl from the access to the 2nd Entrance of the Double Chimney

Variation - access the 2nd Entrance from the ledge below - right side of image.

2nd Entrance of the Double Chimney

Owen Chimney


Looking south from the bottom of the OC

OC bypass

View from the Catwalk - looking back north

The Main Rap to the Upper Saddle

Sling in fire hose & bolted chain

View toward Sargent's Chimney from the Main Rap area

View toward the Main Rap from the bottom of Sargent's

View up Sargent's



SC - by Hidden Exit

SC Hidden Exit variation (most common route)

SC Rappel - main chimney

Upper exit from Sargent's Hidden Exit variation

Three Stooges

Slabby Wall

View back toward Sargent's

Slabby Wall with false summit above - the Horse

Ledge above Slabby Wall - part of 'switchback' to avoid climbing the wall.


Sargent's Chimney



Double Chimney's Open-V

Looking down the DC's 1st Entrance

DC's Tunnel & Open-V

Handhold between 2nd and 1st entrances to the DC

1st Entrance

The Crawl

Belly Roll

Main Rap

Wall Street - zoom view


Upper access to the CR's BRC


Bottom access to the BRC

Belly-Roll-Almost & Eye of the Needle

Briggs' Slab at far left

Exit off Briggs' Slab



Runner's Slab by Chockstone Chimney

Bottom of the CC at far right

The Needle