The Belly Roll

The Grand Teton's Owen-Spalding Route

A few trip reports for April through October

July 17th, 2016 (UXM) PNG Variation 
Overview - Upper Exum
Overview - Owen-Spalding
Detailed Look At Specific Route Features

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The Belly Roll is at the NE corner of the Upper Saddle

The Belly Roll is a short obstacle along the exposure. It passes quickly and you end up on a nice fat ledge that takes you to the Crawl.

Most climbers go over the Belly Roll.

Of course, most never descend the route - they take the rappel. Free-soloing climber will often go under the Belly Roll on the descent. It is often easier to go under the Belly Roll. There is a nice foot-sized ledge below it. A video further below shows you this move.

The wait at the Belly Roll can be a little like the wait at the Hillary Step: cold, long, boring, and not fun. This is one reason why the park service tells climbers on this popular route to limit their party size to TWO PEOPLE. Most parties have two or three. A few have many more, including a few commercially guided parties.

Going under the Belly Roll on the descent

Going over the Belly Roll on the descent - he is not on a rope.

Going under the Belly Roll - descent

Going over the Belly Roll on the ascent

Going under the Belly Roll

Going over the Belly Roll

 The waiting game
COLD & WINDY usually. Be Prepared!
Climbers in the Wittich Crack (5.6-7ish) didn't want to wait it out at the Belly Roll.

 Waiting below the Belly Roll with the Black Ice Couloir in the Background

 On the ledge between the Belly Roll & the Crawl

Coming off the Belly Roll and onto the ledge on the way to the Crawl

Enjoy Safe Climbing