Owen Chimney

The Grand Teton's Owen-Spalding Route

This can be a tricky area when icy. It can be tricky when dry for non-climbers.

Sometimes it is actually easier to downclimb this section than ascend when it's icy. That's because it's easier to stem across the walls with your arms. In this picture, we are using crampons. They didn't really help. The toe point on a crampon can fit atop a hold in an icy area better than a fat shoe but they can be a hazard if you're not careful.


 Going around the corner at the first opening in the Owen Chimney to access the Catwalk

 In the Owen Chimney

 Bottom of Owen Chimney

 View from Sargent's Chimney. Climber exiting the Owen Chimney at upper right side of photo

 View from Catwalk of climbers at the base of the Owen Chimney

Enjoy Safe Climbing