Main Rappel to the Upper Saddle

The Grand Teton's Main Rappel to the Upper Saddle


40m is longest drop if you drop to the far north end of the LZ on the saddle

 Looking down to the NE from the Exum Ridge - climber at Main Rap Overlook area

 At the very top of the photo are climbers at the 1st setup of the 2x70' raps

 Climber in Sargent's Hidden Exit with Main Rappel Overlook in background

Climbers leaving Sargent's and scrambling to the Main Rappel 


 Far NE corner of Upper Saddle - looking toward Belly Roll


Climber belaying climbers on the northeast side of the Main Rap Overlook as they come off the Catwalk.


 Approaching the Upper Saddle with Main Rap in background

 Pownall-Gilkey at far right of Upper Saddle - series of 'steps'.

 Access from above to the 2x70' raps
...and ledge system to Upper Exum Ridge

 Upper Saddle view toward the Belly Roll
Just below the Main Rap


 Emerson Chimney is far right



 A little way  down the rap line is a ledge to stand on (south side)






The 1st setup of the 2x70' raps

Enjoy Safe Climbing