Lupine Meadows Trailhead

The Trailhead for Grand Teton Climbers

A few trip reports for April through October

July 17th, 2016 (UXM) PNG Variation 
Overview - Upper Exum
Overview - Owen-Spalding
Detailed Look At Specific Route Features

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The distance from the Town of Jackson to the Lupine Meadows junction is about 21 miles. There is a water fountain and water re-filling station at the South Jenny Lake Visitor Services area. It's by the store. It's about one mile to that water source from the Lupine Meadows junction on the Teton Park Rd (the interior park road). If you need clean water, make the stop.

Early season at the trailhead - May

Lupine Meadows beyond trees

Lupine Meadows main parking area

Restroom and trash cans. No water is at the trailhead.

Excess parking. Most of it is illegal but on busy days this is how it is.

This is the location of the climbing rangers' rescue cache.

 Bad day in the Tetons for someone when you see the rotorcraft at the Meadows

Elk & Antelope are common. 

Bears and moose are less common sights but they certainly make their way around the meadows.

Early-season flooding. Off trail

Skiers are a common sight in May and June.

The bridge over Cottonwood Creek. Go left at its western end and follow signs.



Enjoy Safe Climbing