Burned Wagon Gulch

The Grand Teton's Approach
The Burned Wagon Gulch is not the 'normal' trailhead into Garnet Canyon. Lupine Meadows is the 'normal' trailhead for Grand Teton Climbers.

You reach the BWG trailhead by turning west off the Teton Park Road and onto the End Highlands Rd which takes you to the Climbers' Ranch. Drive past the GTNP employee housing and cross the Cottonwood Creek bridge. Park in the pullout on the west side of the bridge.

These pictures are not in any particular order. The approach to the gulch runs by cottonwood creek, past the Lucas homestead, and across an open meadow with the Lucas Monument (a plaque atop a large boulder) to reach this gulch.

Trailhead parking - 3 spaces

Cottonwood Creek

Lucas Homestead

Meadows with Lucas Monument. Head for the right side of the gulch, follow a very faint trail that runs a very short distance up the south-facing slope until you see the well-beaten path running west into the gulch.

Just inside the gulch and just west of the open meadows.

You can park at the Teton Glacier Turnout parking area just to the south of a bridge to the Lucas Homestead. The bridge takes you over Cottonwood Creek and it is a shortcut to the Burned Wagon Gulch trail if you know where you're going. The bridge was under reconstruction in 2016. Parking at the pathway gate by the Teton Park Rd is not recommended. From the parking area at the TGT, take the pathway north until you reach the first path heading west to the creek. Follow the path to the homestead and then make your way to the Burned Wagon Gulch.

The footpath off the paved pathway heads for the bridge over Cottonwood Creek.

 Bridge over Cottonwood Creek

 This is a short distance north of the TGT.

 Bridge over Cottonwood Creek

Enjoy Safe Climbing