Boulder Problem in the Sky

The Grand Teton's Upper Exum Route

The BPITS is on the southern summit ridgeline


The bypass gully is often icy and it's not necessarily easier but it can might be for some climbers.

 The Bypass is to the north (left). 
The southern Jam Crack is to the east - up the slope. 
View from L-Shaped rock feature.

 The BPITS - southern Jam Crack seen below upper climber.

 Just below southern Jam Crack

Looking up at the BPITS from the L-Shaped rock feature

 Looking up toward the BPITS after exiting the Petzoldt Lieback / West-Leaning Chimney

The L-Shaped rock feature is far left. You can climb toward the ridge or climb toward the L-Shaped rock feature.

 Looking back at the L-Shaped rock feature from above


 Bypass - getting out of the gully

 After exiting the BPITS

 Bypass with snow in the gully

 Bypass - after exiting the gully and heading for the ridge




 The Bypass under the BPITS
Looking northish

Coming off the BPITS and onto the summit ridgeline.
The Bypass is to the right.
Looking south.

 View up east from the L-Shaped rock feature

This is the L-Shaped rock feature. 
It's just NE of the exit from the West-Leaning Chimney / Petzoldt Lieback. From that WLC exit, you can head east toward the ridge or you can head east and then north toward the L-Shaped rock feature. From the rock feature, you can head east for the southern Jam Crack of the BPITS at the ridgeline or you can dip into the gully and bypass the BPITS. Sometimes it's easier to access the bypass gully from higher up the slope because you will be going directly under the BPITS while in the top part of the gully.

 The southern Jam Crack of the BPITS


The southern Jam Crack

Enjoy Safe Climbing