Wind Tunnel

The Grand Teton's Upper Exum Climbing Route

 We'll start with the approach from the Golden Stair

Go up and over these rocks.

 Go up and over (back down the other side) this rock feature to reach the V-shaped opening of the WT

 Looking down at the access to the Wind Tunnel

 Looking at the access & the WT's boulder problems at the bottom of the WT Gully

Climber about to reach the entrance ot the Wind Tunnel.

 Looking back from the middle of the access slot to the WT

The backside of rock feature that you go up & over to reach the entrance to the Wind Tunnel


 WT Gully

 Wind Tunnel's boulder problems

 WT Entrance


 This is actually a view from the Central Rib of a climber heading for the entrance of the WT

 WT's boulder problems

Boulder problems

 Just below the boulder problems

 Looking back toward the top of the Golden Stair

 WT's boulder problems


 WT Gully

 Near the top of the Wind Tunnel Gully

 Looking east at the access to the Friction Pitch Bypass Chimney & the PNG Dihedral.
This is on your right and right as you leave the gully.

Enjoy Safe Climbing