V-Pitch - Unsoeld's Lieback - VP's Bypass Crack

The Grand Teton's Upper Exum Climbing Route

Approaching the V-Pitch which is at the top-left of the image

The bypass crack will be quick and easier when dry

Bypass Crack

V-Pitch or Open Book

The 'escape' here is above the V-Pitch.
There is also an 'escape' below the V-Pitch
The upper escape shown here is easier and safer.

The approach with snow.

The summit ridgeline is at the top of the photo.

This is the lower escape ledge below the V-Pitch

Unsoeld's Lieback  is at the crest of the V-Pitch's eastern wall

This climber is just above the V-Pitch and heading for the West-Leaning Chimney
To their west is the easy ledge system to the Main rappel to the Upper Saddle.

Another view of the approach to the V-Pitch.
This is the view once you exit the Notch Gully

The easy Bypass Crack directly east of the V-Pitch

The southern prow of the summit ridgeline just above the V-Pitch.

Many variations are available but most people head for the West-Leaning Chimney on the western side of the prow.

Looking down on the V-Pitch from the lieback.

Looking up at the V-Pitch from the top of the Notch Gully

View toward the V-Pitch from the Notch Gully

NPS photo

Ledge system between the Main Rappel to the Upper Saddle are and the Top of the V-Pitch

There is a bypass crack further east for access to the eastern aspect of the summit's ridgeline.
This is NOT a common variation.

View from the far eastern crack to access the eastern side of the summit's ridgeline.
NOT common.

Enjoy Safe Climbing