The Horse

This is at the southern end of the Horse.

Most climbers go under the Horse's eastern aspect to reach the summit if they came up the Exum Ridge. You can also make an easy crossover to the OS route at this location. Sometimes it's easier to leave the summit on the eastern aspect and then crossover to the western aspect at this location during a descent.

Climbers below the Horse on the eastern aspect 

Eastern aspect below the Horse. Headed back up toward the summit on the north side.

This is the view of the Horse from the Owen-Spalding route.

The Horse is a false summit above the Owen-Spalding's Slabby Wall. It's at the high point in the picture above.

 View of the start of the SW corner of the Horse where climbers can start their adventure.

It can be climbed from its SW side. Most climbers bypass the climb and head around the eastern side to reach the summit. You could also gain the Owen-Spalding route on the western side and reach the summit that way (longer). You will probably see lots of climbers on the west side ascending or descending the mountain during the summer high season.

Enjoy Safe Climbing