Slabby Wall

The Grand Teton's Owen-Spalding Route

You can climb the easy center crack or switchback around to the SE & NE. Note that the crack points toward the summit and back toward Sargent's Hidden Exit.

A look at climbers on the switchback and the center crack.

As you can see in the video, the 'climbing' is pretty easy above Sargent's Chimney when dry. Right below the summit, the route requires a little more attention. There are several ways to approach the summit after the Slabby Wall. Some are easier than others. None are very difficult when dry, however.

Below the Slabby Wall, it's a straight line to reach Sargent's Hidden Exit.

Go down until you can't easily go any further and look to your south. A few feet to your south will be the top of the Hidden Exit (a small chute). Further south will be the top of Sargent's main chimney and access to Sargent's rap.

Note the switchback ledge above the slab

Center Crack just left of center in image.

Bypass to SE

Ledge above slab

Enjoy Safe Climbing