Wall Street

The Grand Teton's Upper Exum Climbing Route

Wall Street as seen from the Central Rib's Lower Crossover which is directly 'behind' the Central Rib's Needle.

The rappel is just above the Golden Stair by a boulder problem.
It is not a maintained rap and no slings may be seen.

You have two options at the very end of Wall Street to get around the corner.

You can take a lower ledge or the upper ledge which is just an extension of Wall Street. We suggest that you start on the Lower Ledge. You can safely bail from the Lower Ledge and try the Upper Ledge if you prefer.

The gully that leads to the fat Wall Street Slab. Many Loose Rock.

Climber on the Lower Ledge at the end of Wall Street.

Climber at Wall Street's Step Across and on the Upper Ledge.

Lower Ledge at the Step Across

View of Lower Ledge from the Upper Ledge.

View of Lower Ledge from Upper Ledge

Climber on Lower Ledge with hands on Upper Ledge.

 Great angle - looks worse than it is.

 Not a whole lotta space up top

 NPS photo

 Where we will look for your body if you fall

 We are just above the Golden Stair and looking back down at the Step Across
Look closely and you will see the lower ledge and the upper ledge just before you round the corner.

 Lower Ledge

 Upper Ledge

 Lower ledge before you round the corner

 Climbers at the Central Rib's Patio with WS in background

 They are just above the gully leading to the Wall Street slab


 Well, she's actually coming off the Lower Exum

The rock you need to go across on the lower ledge


 Lower Ledge

 Upper Ledge

Enjoy Safe Climbing